Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trip to Northern California



We just got home from our trip to see some family up in Nor. Cal. We stayed with my dad and his girlfriend Sandi, and on friday Dad, Elliot, Zach and I went to the Oakland zoo. It's the zoo I used to frequent as a child, and it brought back many fond memories. I remembered riding the giant golden metal lions near the entrance, and using the "key" that they give children to listen to fascinating facts about the animals. It has grown since I was last there though, and the larger animals now have much more space, and there are more exhibits overall as well. Zach enjoyed himself for the first hour (although probably not as much as I did!) and then fell asleep. But I loved being up in the hills in oakland. The smell of eucalyptus and acacia trees and the greenery all around was so refreshing. I think people who live in that area don't always realize how truely beautiful all the plants and wildlife there can be. I even saw a seagull! And the air in San leandro smells so great- like the bay and orange trees. Other than the traffic, I think it's pretty nice there! Elliot was not to happy with the number of U turns he had to do while driving to get to our destinations though.
After the zoo we got to spend the evening in good company. We had a wonderful visit with my brother and my dad's high school friend Tom over a delicious dinner of turkey and fingerling potatos. We got to listen to some music my brother has been composing on his computer which was entertaining. We topped the evening off with a video on baby massage, which Zach seemed to enjoy.
The next day we visited my Aunts house (although she was out of town) and had a little party with my mother and grandmother there. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from my mom's Aunt Geri (her father's sister) and some friends Ray and Julie. We had a good day, and spent some time swapping gifts, and talking. Elliot was abig fan of my Aunt and Uncle's pool table and now thinks we need one. But we have no room for one. Oh well. We went out for dinner to a favorite childhood eatery, called the Hickory pit. The last time I went to one (when I was a child) it caught on fire while we were there. It was scary! Anyhow, dinner was less eventful. Elliot and I shared a plate of ribs and tri tip that was yuummy, and Zach had some corn and beans. The drive home was long and we are all tired, but in a good way!
When we got here my new serger, some fabric, Elliot's valentine's day gift (knife making stuff) and a new diaper from Elliot's Aunt Cathleen had all arrived in our absence. Luckily we have a fantastic pet sitter who brought it all in for us. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!

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