Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonderful Trip to ABQ

This is a little belated, but I just wanted to mention our wonderful trip to Albuquerque. We had so much fun- we went to the Zoo, the Explora Museum, the art museum! We went swimming, and out to eat, and on long drives in pretty scenery. We visited the land Molly and David bought in Taos. Treva and Chris's wedding was beautiful, and she looked stunning! It was at a charming hacienda in Madrid. The best part was as we all danced the evening away after good food (and an open bar) the sun set in the valley below us and lit up the sky in fantastical shades of orange and pink. People danced really late, and it got pretty wild (although I confess I was asleep for the wildest part, having the baby with us and all). I was amazed that I actually got to sit through the whole ceremony. Granted it wasn't very long, but Zach didn't cry once!
Apparently a vacation was just the motivation he needed to start walking because I left with a baby and came home with a TODDLER! I can't believe he started really walking while we were there and now there is no stopping him. He thinks since he can now walk, that he can also climb anything. The couch, the playstructres at the park, ect. He is even getting into the toddler stage where he gets mad if I try to help him too much. For example, yeaterday at the park he climbed the playstructure and when I tried to "spot" him to make sure he didn't fall 5 feet to the ground, and when I wouldne't let him jump off the side he got mad, and started crying. He got over it quickly when he realized he was able to go down the slide. He chose to go down the slide feet first on his stomach though. Then he became obsessed with climbing back up the slide and going down again over and over.
Zach also had a birthday party while we were there- actually two of them! One at Leba and Dr. Elliot's house and one at Molly's. He got a lot of great presents, and we read some of the books he got on the way home over and over. He also got a great big pool (thanks Cathleen!) that we are planning on using this Friday when we have the Playgroup here. We're going to have a pool party! :)
Overall it was a great trip with very minimal drama, despite tha fact that Zach cut 4 molars at once while we were there.
Since coming home I have gotten back into the swing of flylady.net. It has helped me to get reorganized and refocused. I hope everyone else is doing well too!
Sadly I don't have many pics of our trip as my camera broke!! :(

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