Friday, September 24, 2010

Footie Babylegs from Knee socks

This is a tutorial for making footed baby legs from adult sized knee socks like the ones pictured above. The socks in this tutorial were purchased at Target.

Step 1: Measure the baby's foot
My toddler's foot is about 5 to 5.5 inches long. It's hard to get an exact measurement since he's always on the go.

Step 2: Cut the foot off the sock- add a quarter an inch to the length of your child's foot(to allow for the seam and the rolling of the knit) and then measure that distance from the toe. This is where you make your first cut. ***Please note*** the knit will stretch in these socks, so if you want a sock that fits a little better you can cut the sock the length without adding for seam allowance and they will stretch to fit, but remember- it's easy to cut a little more off and move the seam to make it smaller, but you can't add the fabric back on. It's better to start big and cut down.

Step 3: Then cut out the portion from the heel to the remainder of the foot. Try to cut diagonally from the point of the heel to the top, so you are cut out with a wedge shaped piece. This will help keep the shape of the heel and curve the finished sock, so it's not just a tube.
Step 4: Turn the leg part of the sock inside out and tuck the toe part inside (don't turn that part inside out) so that the right sides are together and the openings are lined up. I make sure that the toe seam is on top and the heel is lined up carefully so that the sock curves properly. Pin around the opening.
**The picture below is how your toe would look inside the leg portion if you could see it, but the heel would be lined up*****
Step 5: Sew around the opening taking care to line up the heel. There is a generous seam allowance, but the closer you follow to the curve of the heel, the more curve your finished sock will have in it. Repeat with other foot.
Step 7: Turn right side out- voila! You're done!


  1. OooohhI cant wait to try too! for some reason I though it would be much more complicated!