Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My hopes for Zach

Zach's first christmas present. He liked the paper the most.

There are so many things that I want in life for Zach, but the number one thing that I want for him is happiness. I want him to think back about his childhood fondly like I do.

There are a number of things from my early childhood that have stuck in my memory- playing in the backyard at 299 beiger Ave. (it was a great backyard), tye dying parties, bubble parties, teepee parties, tea parties (my mother was great at parties), putting on endless "shows" with my brother and cousins, trips to San Francisco at Christmas, trips to the Zoos and museums and sea world and disney land and around the whole US. I remember countless hours in the garden with my father, making many crafts with my mother, playing bears with my grandfather, making tamales and sopapillas with my greatgrandmother. I remember the way I used to walk to my grandma's house after school everyday, ring the doorbell, then press my nose onto the glass of the window by the door. She would walk down the hall, tap my nose, then open the door. I remember summer camp, and horse riding lessons, piano, voice, dance lessons, 4-H, going to the fair, the clubhouse and zipline in our backyard, as well as orange, lemon, grapefruit, fig trees perfect for climbing. I remember the wonder of watching a lamb being born and I remember loving every single animal we had on the farm. I remember skiing, and kyaking, and rafting and swim team.

I LOVED my family and my life. I had as close to the perfect childhood as one can hope for. How did my parents pack so much in when the days fly by like they do? I hope I can give Zach a childhood to remember as fondly.

I want him to be strong enough to survive whatever life dishes out to him, but sensitive to others around him, as well as his own feelings.I want him to know that love is wonderful, but that it doesn't mean it will always be easy to love someone. I want him to know that relationships take sacrifice and effort, but that they are worth it many times over in the joy and companionship the right person will bring to your life. I hope he will know that whoever he turns out to be, he will be special and valued as long as he values himself. I hope he does something with his life that will make him feel fulfilled and satisfied with his choices, even if that is something I would not have chosen for him. I hope he realizes early in life that money is only a means to an end, and not the end itself. I hope he knows that the most important thing in life is family and the ties that draw us closer over distance, time and differences. Speaking of differences, I want him to realize that differences are not grounds for fighting, hatred or incompatiabilities- they merely offer room for compromises and personal growth, as well as a deeper understanding of others. I know Zach will be smart and kind, but I also want him to realize that he owes no obligation to anyone to enter a certain profession- I want him to follow his heart and his dreams and aim for the stars, and realize that the impossible is attainable with enough work and heart.

I'm not going to lie and say I don't want him to have a family someday, because I do. But if he decides that he is happier without a wife (or husband!) and children, then I will understand and secretly hope that he will change his mind. :)

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  1. What fantastic photos! No wonder everyone is in love with that kid--what a ham in front of the camera! LOVED the pix and the words. Thanks for posting! Your mom.