Sunday, December 27, 2009

We're home from Abq!!

We just got home from Albuquerque for Christmas late last night. We had a wonderful time, despite some unexpected family drama that has since smoothed itself over, at least temporarily. We got to see the people we love, some of which we had not seen in a very long time. It was great to see my sibling-in-laws, especially my sister-in-laws, to whom I am particularly close, and having never had a sister growing up, it is great to feel like I do now! Zach met several of his Uncles, and Aunt and great grandparents for the very first time, and he seemed to love them all. I think this trip helped him to become a little more comfortable being held by someone other than me, since he was passed around a lot.
Elliot (Tosh) and I had a wonderful date and went to the Frontier restaurant for breakfast. I had a wonderful green chile breakfast burrito, and we had some great conversation, and I wasn't worried a bit about Zach! I thought I would be, but I was confident in the ability of Molly, Treva and Suki, who took care of him for an hour or two. When we returned, he was napping peacefully in the stroller! :)
We had some fun adventures while visiting, including a train ride up to Santa Fe in the snow with Suki and Leba, (my sister-in-law and step mother-in-law). It was fun, and cold, and snowy. The four of us (Suki, Leba, Zach and I) also went to the Explora! Museum. If you live near Albuquerque and have a child I would HIGHLY recommend this museum. It is amazing and is like one big giant interactive science fair. There were whole huge sections of activities about wind, water, gravity, electricity, shapes, building, light, sound, music, nature, everything!! And it wasn't like a typical museum where you look at something and turn a knob or two, you could sit down at a table and build something, or manipulate the whole experiment. Take it apart, put it together, see how it works! If Z had been a year or two older, we could have spent a WEEK there! As it was his favorites were the "jumping" fountain and the gravity exhibit that was like a never ending Rube Goldberg project.
Sadly, we did not get a chance to take Zach to see santa, but he probably would have cried anyway, so no biggie. We are thinking of getting or making a santa suit for Elliot for next year. We had family portraits done, but since it is illegal to scan them, we will not be posting them for everyone to see. I guess you all will just have to visit us in order to see them- we will be having a party sometime soon, so that's more incentive to get you all out to visit us! Zach cried for most of the pictures, but I think there were a few good ones, and I know for certain there was a great one of Zach, Elliot (Tosh) and Grandpa Elliot (Elliot's grandfather). Treva was our Christmas angel and bought a copy of it for us, despite the exorbitant price tag.
We enjoyed many great meals, and fun games, and overall had a wonderful time.
Now to the gifts!! Zachary made out like a bandit and was SHOWERED with gifts from everyone. My favorites of his gifts were an adorable little red wagon with a push bar so he can learn to walk, an anamatronic roxking horse and many wodden toys!! He got some very cute clothes, A LOT of books and toys. I got a lot of presents as well. Art supplies, yarn, books, and many, MANY other wonderful things. Everyone was so generous this year and our car was PACKED on the way home. I received several gifts that are helping me to discover and learn about my newly discovered Jewish Heritage. Zach received his first menorah as well. I think I need to do some research about just what it means to be Jewish so that I am better informed. Perhaps I can convince my Aunt Robin to help me practice the traditions? ;) I know the Kosher Turkey we had sure was tasty!!
One of my most favorite gifts was from my wonderful husband and my father in law. Since they know I have been looking into Mei Tai carriers and DROOLING over them, and turning slighlty green with envy whenever I see a mama and baby happily wearing one, they BOUGHT ME ONE!!! I can not wait for it to get here! It is beautiful, black and white, so daddy can wear it too, and a very highly recommended brand. I am so thankful to have a husband who pays attention to what I am into, and then spends a whole day secretly shopping with his father all over Albuquerque to try and find it! Even though they had to buy it online in the end, all their hard work was very appreciated and I was totally surprised (and I'm hard to surprise!). I have the most wonderful husband, and he is so kind and sweet. I could not ask for a more dedicated and sensitive man in my life!
Despite the wonderful time I had, I am very glad to be home, in my own bed, with my doggies again. Zach does not nap well on vacation and is STILL sleeping! We are all tired, but in the best possible way. Today is a day for recovery, rest and grocery shopping! I hope everyone else had a splendid, family-filled holiday, with memories that will last forever in your hearts!! Much Love to all!!

I will be posting the pictures/videos I have as soon as I unpack my camera from the car and get them on my computer!!

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  1. It was so wonderful to see you and your family Regan! I so enjoyed our walks and talks and feel very lucky to have you as a part of our family. -T